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Medicaid and CHIP Marketplace Interactions

This table highlights some of the critical intersections between the Marketplace, Medicaid, and CHIP. The table lists the Marketplace model each state has selected for 2014 — State-based, Federally-facilitated, or working in partnership with the Federal Marketplace — and indicates whether states with a Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) have elected to have the FFM make assessments of Medicaid/CHIP eligibility, transferring the account to the Medicaid/CHIP agency for a final determination, or whether the state has delegated the authority to make Medicaid/CHIP eligibility determinations to the FFM.

State Medicaid/CHIP and Marketplace Interactions (As of October 1, 2013)
StateMarketplace Model: SBM/Partnership/FFMFFM Assessment vs. Determination
AlabamaFFMDetermination state
AlaskaFFMAssessment state
ArizonaFFMAssessment state
ArkansasFFM Partnership ModelDetermination state
DelawareFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
District of ColumbiaSBM 
FloridaFFMAssessment state
GeorgiaFFMAssessment state
IdahoSupported SBMDetermination state*
IllinoisFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
IndianaFFMAssessment state
IowaFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
KansasFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
LouisianaFFMDetermination state
MaineFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
MichiganFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
MississippiFFMAssessment state
MissouriFFMAssessment state
MontanaFFM Partnership ModelDetermination state
NebraskaFFMAssessment state
New HampshireFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
New JerseyFFMDetermination state*
New MexicoSupported SBMAssessment state
New YorkSBM 
North CarolinaFFMAssessment state
North DakotaFFMAssessment state
OhioFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
OklahomaFFMAssessment state
PennsylvaniaFFMDetermination state*,**
Rhode IslandSBM 
South CarolinaFFMAssessment state
South DakotaFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
TennesseeFFMDetermination state*
TexasFFMDetermination state*
UtahFFMAssessment state
VirginiaFFM Partnership ModelAssessment state
West VirginiaFFM Partnership ModelDetermination state
WisconsinFFMDetermination state*
WyomingFFMDetermination state**

* State has elected to permit the FFM to make Medicaid/CHIP eligibility determinations temporarily as a mitigation strategy.

** State is not conducting determinations for CHIP.